Cordex ToughPIX II Trident

NEW! - replaces previous toughpix II models
  • ATEX and IECEx Certified for Zone 1 (vapour)
  • 16 megapixel SLR style with armoured 2.7” LCD screen
  • 16GB memory and HD video
  • Macro, Auto-focus, Antishake, 5x Optical and 4x digital zoom
  • Reporting capability through CorDEX CONNECT™
  • Cordex Atex Cameras
    Cordex Toughpix II Trident

    ToughPIX Atex Digital Camera

    Smaller and lighter than previous models with fully automatic strobe flash, interchangeable lenses, digital zoom, red-eye reduction and LED lamp option, The ToughPIX Series are certified for Zone 1 IIC T4 and Class 1 Division I B, C, D hazardous areas.
    Cordex Toughpix
    Cordex Atex Cameras

    ToughPIX 2301xp
    - for Hazardous Vapour Atmospheres.
    ToughPIX 2302xp - for Underground Mining.
    ToughPIX 2303xp - with Lamp & Lens Kit.

    Extronix ICAM

    The Extronix iCAM501 Ultra & ICAM502 intrinsically safe digital cameras for use in hazardous areas. ATEX, IECEx and Class 1 Division 1 certified, they can be used in all sectors of industry including Chemical & Pharmaceutical plants, Oil & Gas production platforms, Refineries and Mining to name but a few.
    Extronix ICAM501
    Extronix ICAM502 (with Auto Focus)

    Extronix ICAM

    Cordex TC7000 & Cordex TC7150

    Explosion Proof Thermal Imaging Cameras
    Cordex TC7000 is a high resolution explosion proof thermal imaging camera with ATEX certification .

    Cordex TC7150
    radiometric infrared camera NRTL Listed for Class I and II, Division 2, and Class III

    Cordex TC7000 - Explosion Proof Thermal Imager
    Cordex Atex Thermal Imaging Camera

    Dräger UCF 7000

    Atex Thermal Imaging Camera.
    Atex certified thermal imaging camera designed for use by firefighters and search personel. The Drager UCF 7000 is intrinsically safe (ATEX zone 1) and offers the maximum level of safety and reliability in potentially explosive atmospheres

    View Dräger UCF 7000

    Drager UCF 7000
    Drager thermal imaging camera

    Samcon Ex Cameras

    Atex CCTV & Surveillance Cameras & Systems
    A range of HD cctv cameras, IP cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras and surveillance cameras that are explosion proof & Atex certified. Ex CCTV controlled by SAMCONtrol web based camera control system.

    View Samcon Excam

    Samcon Ex Camera, Samcon Atex Camera
    Samcon Ex Cameras, Samcon Excam

    Atex CCTV

    Explosion Proof CCTV Camera Systems
    SeSys CCTV cameras are ATEX and IECEx Certified digital cameras designed to monitor personnel and equipment in inhospitable, hazardous or explosive areas. These CCTV cameras allow remote access via web browser.

    View SeSys Atex CCTV

    SeSYS cctv, atex cctv